I thought the presentation during lecture was pretty cool. I never gave much thought into the meanings of people’s name. My mom didn’t pick my name because there was meaning but because she thought it was a pretty name. Fun fact about my last name is if you take out the R, it means rabbit in Spanish.

The line activity we had to do during class was a real eye opener. I have already done the line activity before and it was really interesting to do it again. It made me realize that there is more diversity than i originally thought before.

In my high school, there was not much diversity. It was mostly Caucasian people. Coming here to Iowa State, there is so much diversity. There are people from all walks of life. Everyone can involved in something they like and not feel left out, which is pretty cool. Having diversity is important is important because it means not everyone is the same and each person can contribute something different.

I realized diversity isn’t just about race or ethnicity but religion, sexual orientation, gender and income. The list could go on and on. Also that names have special meaning to them and we are more diverse than we originally thought.

I want to think about is how much diversity is here at Iowa State,I think it would be cool to know specific numbers. Hopefully people have pride about being diverse.

One thing I want to do is if someone is being singled out for some reason, I want to stand up for them and help them out.




  1. tylerthomps · November 6, 2014

    I also liked the line activity. It really showed how people are diverse and are different than you. It even showed how people are the same than you. It was nice to see what people had in common with you.


  2. emmuller2014 · November 11, 2014

    If everyone were the same that would be boring! Diversity gives the world a lot of great opportunities! Different minds and people give different ideas to the world. I also liked the line activity. I feel like it brought us all a lot closer because we know that we share a lot on common even though we are diverse.


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